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Exam Parent Note
Posted On:
Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Select, copy, and paste the following link: 



Student Name: ____________________________________________________

Grade Level: _____________


1.     Please print this excuse note out

2.     Initial next to the release time on each day you are approving your child to sign out

3.     Fill out all information below & sign

4.     Return to Donna Edens in the attendance office

MONDAY, May 22nd

_______ Release #1 – 9:35 AM

_______ Release #2 – 11:25 AM

TUESDAY, May 23rd

_______ Release #1 – 9:35 AM

_______ Release #2 – 11:25 AM


_______ Release #1 – 9:35 AM

Wednesday, May 24 is a full day of school so if your student remains in school following the 7th period exam he/she will be going to class as normal.



“By printing and signing my name, I agree that HHS can release my student at the assigned release point on the days above.  However, I understand that this note is invalid without previous phone verification by the attendance office and is required even if my student is 18.  I also recognize that my student is required to take any and all exams they are not exempt from and if they miss an exam they were to take that grade will be entered as a zero.”


Parent Name: _____________________________________________ (printed)

Parent Signature: __________________________________________________

Contact Number: __________________________________________________

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