HHS School Dress Code

                                                                      Harpeth High School - Student Dress Guidelines

Harpeth High School will strive to address a community standard and focus on academic learning and student safety. HHS will enforce the following dress code. It is expected that student clothing will not distract from the learning environment of the classroom and have ABSOLUTELY NO undergarments showing. Each student should make every effort to be well groomed and should consistently practice good hygiene. It is understood that the final decision on student dress will be at the discretion of the administration.  These rules apply to both males and females


·       Hats are allowed in the hallways and in classrooms AT TEACHER DISCRETION.

·       No backless attire, see-through attire, or low-cut tops. Your shirt/dress must have a back and cover all undergarments.

·       Your torso should not be showing at any time.

·       No sagging. Your pants should be pulled up to your waist and your underwear should not be visible.

·       Shorts, dress, skirt, etc. should not be so short that bending, kneeling, sitting, stretching, or any other typical movement exposes undergarments or any part of your body.

·       Shoes must be worn by all students at all times. No house shoes permitted (except on appropriate spirit days).

·       No holes in pants where skin is visible above the knee. If there are holes above the knee, they should be patched.

·       Vulgar, racially or ethnically inflammatory, explicit, gang-related, alcohol/drug/tobacco related, or any other images/messages deemed inappropriate by the administration are not permitted (examples: references to drugs/alcohol, nudity or sexually related images, profane or suggestive language).

·       No costume or face painting of any sort will be permitted unless they are part of a school sponsored activity and then must conform to the dress code.


Use your best judgment in what you decide to wear to school. This list is not all-inclusive. Faculty and staff reserve the right to question anything you are wearing at any time.  A member of the administrative team will make the final decision.


Teachers who observe students in violation of the dress code will send an email to all members of the administration team. An administrator will address the violation in a timely manner - dress code issues are not to interrupt class time or instruction.



-       Change immediately

-       Contact parent to provide appropriate clothing

-       Wait in ISS until a change of clothes is provided

-       Points added to student record

-       After school tutoring contract

-       Other consequence made by administration