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Jared's Keepers

Keepers Club is a suicide awareness and prevention program fully funded by Jared’s Keepers Foundation, Inc.  This club was founded by Harpeth High School 2016 graduate, Kelsey Neeley. The Keepers Club members are active promoting suicide awareness among peers in an effort to save lives and educate on safe ways to talk about suicide and reach out for help when needed.  This club stays active in and out of the school environment participating in and organizing such activities as, but not limited to various activities during September for Suicide Prevention Month, hosting Red Night at sporting events, hosting International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day, Take Capitol Hill Day where they meet with legislators to talk about the impact of suicide in the teen community, Strides to Stop Suicide Family fun day as well as continuously supporting those families across the country who have lost loved ones to suicide by sending each member of their immediate family a Keeper Box that have various grief tools in it to help the loved ones in their time of need.  The success of the Harpeth Keepers Club in the first year (2014-2015) has led to the expansion of the program to three states and one US territory comprising of 2 Jr High/Middle Schools, 8 additional High Schools, and 2 College/Universities.  

You can follow all of the latest news on Jared’s Keepers Foundation, Inc and Keepers Clubs at www.jaredskeepers.com, Facebook, Instagram, and on Twitter @keepersofjared.

For more information, or to join the Keepers Club, see Kelsey Neeley, Rachel Crotzer, Lorie Shanks, or Kyla Arrington.